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A Virtuous Woman, by Kaye Gibbons, Vintage Books, 1989.

I have only recently discovered Kaye Gibbons, having read Divining Women a few months ago. She has a beautiful way with words, creates rich and interesting characters and unpacks a story in a way that is both gentle and compelling.

A Virtuous Woman is told in two voices, alternating chapters. One is Blinking Jack Ernest Stokes, a lifelong tenant farmer who never had a thing to call his own. The other is Ruby Pitt Woodrow Stokes, who was raised with parents who owned a small farm and were secure enough to provide Ruby education and a steady, gentle upbringing. The novel recounts the story of their lives and their love—the difficult choices and their consequences, the struggles of life among tenant farmers and migrants, the rocky relationships and family flaws, and the deep and real and raw love between Jack and Ruby.

The characters are rich collection that Gibbons writes like an incomplete snapshot—never focused enough to freeze in an image, but clear enough that the imagination easily fills in the missing details. They flit across the lines of privilege and poverty, but privilege is never an indicator of happiness. Having something matters—whether that something is land or love.

Gibbons’ writing is so evocative that I found myself connecting with both Ruby and Jack in our common humanity, while maintaining the distance and difference between our lives and circumstances. Gibbons leads me to feel the same love and yearning and fullness in my own life that Jack and Ruby express in theirs, while still fascinated and intrigued by the differences between us.

It was a beautiful read, and I look forward to more.

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