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Overwhelmed with Good Things

Posted on: July 13, 2016

I’m breathless.

I’ve been moving so fast in the whirlwind of a new job, new home, new country that I’m out of breath.

I’ve been so overwhelmed by your words of encouragement, prayer, scripture and support that your love leaves me breathless.

I’ve been surprised by coincidental meetings with strangers and old friends that make me catch my breath.

I’ve felt God’s Spirit so strong and reassuring since I arrived in London that it takes my breath away.

I’m breathless.

Each of those breathless things has a story (or several) that need telling, but I’m too much in the moment right now. I will write when I am able.

We arrived in London on Saturday afternoon, too late to get to the clinic to register for the National Health Service. Instead I went first thing Monday morning, registered in 30 minutes and got an appointment a couple hours later, followed by a referral on Tuesday. I see the surgeon at the University College of London Hospital first thing tomorrow morning (Thursday). I hope to know more about my treatment plan after that appointment, though it may take a little longer for them to review all the records and films I brought from my doctors in the U.S. Even so, I thought it would take me three weeks to get this far–and it’s only taken four days!


Two brand new packs of paper (9 colors!) and a new mega pack of Sharpies, ready to make my own inspiration wall.


I want so much to respond to each one of you who wrote me–blog comments, Facebook messages, e-mails and all the rest. I will, eventually. Your words are so thoughtful and they have blessed me so much. Special thanks to all who sent scriptures or quotations. I feel the need to surround myself with their wisdom and blessing, so I stopped at the stationer’s today to buy markers and colored paper. I plan to write down each gem, cut it out, and hang it on the wall as a source of inspiration in the coming months.

The folks at the American International Church have provided a warm welcome. We had no idea how complicated life could be moving to another country! Everything from shopping to banking to cell phones to turning on the oven requires explanation and support to accomplish. The staff and leaders at AIC have anticipated our every concern and they have been one step ahead of us, so that whatever we need is at hand when we need it. My predecessor at AIC described it as “taking a sip from a firehose,” and he was right. Yet every new bit I learn gets me more excited about life in London and especially about the ministry ahead at AIC. What an amazing place–and what a witness they have to offer to London at this moment in history.


The beautiful hospitality of AIC awaiting us in our new home–guidebooks, tube cards, keys, a hand-drawn map of the neighborhood, starter pounds and card full of well wishes.

We have all been going non-stop since we arrived, but without a sense of panic or burden. I’m so eager to get to both tasks and treatments that I look forward to each day’s fullness. I don’t feel anxious about all the newness, the list of things to do, the treatments and the move (our stuff arrives Friday), because it all feels so very good and so very much God’s. I feel overwhelmed, but only by how blessed I feel to be here, how beloved I feel by all of you, and how grateful I feel to God.

I’m breathless.

Thank you, friends. Thank you, God.






10 Responses to "Overwhelmed with Good Things"

Life should never be measured in breaths, but rather in moments that take your breath away!! Keep breathing and I will keep praying. God is at work!

Love hearing about all the new experiences. Keep sharing. You are obviously where you need to be and God Bless the NHS for being so responsive! Peace.

So glad you, Josh, Benjamin and the cat arrived safely. It sounds exciting! I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. Keep us posted and tell Benjamin “Hi” for me.

Praying for you, and rallying the RevGals to do the same.

Thanks so much, Martha. I have received kind words, prayers and encouragement from several RevGal survivors already.

“The [wo]man is non-stop!” I shall continue to ply you with Hamilton quotes until you tell me not to. We are breathing with you and for you.

Hamilton quotes are always welcome.

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