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An Introvert’s Vacation

Posted on: July 18, 2010

I wrote a few weeks ago about an extrovert’s vacation, and my struggles as an introvert taking extroverted vacations. This week, at long last, I had the opportunity for an introverted vacation. It was wonderful.

I drove a mere hour away from home, leaving behind my church, my husband and child, and all obligations to talk to other people. I wandered around a fascinating little town, and took a bunch of photographs for future blog posts. I checked into a hotel for two nights, watched two movies and a bunch of bad shows, finished one book and read a 530+ page novel cover-to-cover. I ate lunch at a restaurant each day, where I was polite but refused to engage in small talk with the servers, even though I was eating alone. I also took a local architectural tour, which happened to include several retired clergy. I did not “out” myself as fellow clergy, because I did not want to engage in conversation that went deeper than, “isn’t that building interesting?”  I would slip quietly into my hotel room each evening about 5:00, armed with snacks and reading material, and not reappear again until breakfast.

I have returned to life feeling centered and rested. This is what I needed. This has freed me to write again. I could have stayed all week. It was a true introvert’s vacation, a vacation from people, to spend time with myself and with God.

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Oh, hey. I dont really call myself an introvert, but I do something like this a couple of times a year. It’s GREAT.

Also, just finished Birth of Venus, which I have no idea why I couldnt get thru the first time, it was really a fun ride! And, I want to learn more about Florence/Rennasiance/Medici family now, so it feels like it a moderately edifying also 🙂 Do you want to swap for your other Dunant? Or would you like me just to send it to you? If so, send me your address at rev dot brownell at gmail dot com. (Also, your IRT name, which I just realize I dont have!)

BTW – I also read the time travellers wife in one big gulp — on a plan ride home from Chicago. I remember really liking it, but not much else, which is a danger for me of reading books fast.

OMG. that sounds AMAZING.

I do the same thing a whole lot. The only bad thing about it is that I feel guilty and that spoils sthe trip a bit. I do feel very rested after.

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