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Does God come to church?

Posted on: March 10, 2010

That’s the question B asked in the middle of dinner last night: “Does God come to church?”

Me: I hope so.

B: But is God at church? If God is everywhere, is God at church?

Me: Yes. I think God goes wherever people are, and there are lots of people at church, and they are all talking about God, so I think God would be there.

B: Oh. Okay.

Part of me wants to say more, to draw deep implications from his question, to turn this into a diatribe on the petty concerns that can preoccupy congregations, or to bemoan the rhetoric of hate that seems to chase the holy out the door, or to lift up just the faith-filled hope that we all bring every time we gather in church for worship, that God will show up. But really, B’s question says it all, and my first response is the only one.

Does God come to church? I sure hope so. What else can I say?

2 Responses to "Does God come to church?"

So true! I recently was asked to participate in a funeral at the Catholic Church (the wife of the deceased is part of my congregation), and I have to say that I felt an awesome sense of power, reading the Gospel in that setting. Then I looked down at my friend, in the first pew, and felt guilty that I’d made even a tiny part of it about myself, but still.

I came here from RevGalBlogPals. I look forward to reading more from you! Grace and peace …

Thanks for visiting, and reading. Check out the update post in the “Naughty Noontime” thread.

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