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Emergency? Not so much.

Posted on: February 20, 2010

B was playing fire trucks with J this morning. This usually involves crashing a car, followed by the shout of “Oh no! I’m on fire!” Then the fire trucks drive over, raise ladders, rescue people and put out the fire.

This was played over and over several times, until J decided to take some initiative. First he crashed the car, then shouted, “Oh no! I’m on fire! Come and help me!”

To which B replied, “That’s interesting.”

J’s fire truck had to put out his own fire.

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I am a full-time pastor in the United Church of Christ, mother of a young child (B.), married to an aspiring academic and curmudgeon (J.). I live by faith, intuition and intellect. I follow politics, football and the Boston Red Sox. I like to talk about progressive issues, theological concerns, church life, the impact of technology and media, pop culture and books.

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