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There once was a dog…

Posted on: December 28, 2009

Tonight, B told me the most elaborate story he has ever devised. It started when we were praying–he was repeating after me each line of the prayer. When it ended, he asked for more. While I was thinking about it, he said, “I have a prayer. You ‘peat after me.” This is what transpired. I left his room and immediately wrote it down, as best as I could remember. I’m grateful that I was repeating because it sealed some of his phrases in my head!

B’s Story:

There once was a dog. He didn’t have a father. He didn’t have a doghouse. He didn’t have a light. He was all alone.  He had dog food. He had a hurt paw. He was walking.

(At this point, he interjected that this story was about his stuffed dog, his most special friend that he sleeps with every night.)

He had to go to the doctor. He walked to the doctor. He looked out for no cars. He was walking, he was not driving. He didn’t have a car.

(Then he asked, “Where is the doctor?” I replied, “A long way.” B continued.)

He was walking a long way to the doctor’s. When he got to the doctor, he didn’t have anything for shots.

(He got off track here, and I forget exactly what happened. I eventually helped him back to the story by asking, “Did the doctor help his paw?” )

The doctor fixed up his paw. He went home. Now he had a doghouse. Then Santa—Santa is in my story too—then Santa came. He didn’t have any presents. Santa didn’t leave. Then he had one present. It was a tiny present. It was a really, really fast racecar. And they could be together. The end.

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