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The Power of Iderman

Posted on: December 11, 2009

B. and I were engaged in a conversation yesterday about superheroes and superpowers. He initially asked what a superpower was, and as I explained it led to a conversation about the superpowers available to Superman (flying, strength), Spiderman (wall climbing, web shooting) and Batman (no superpowers exactly, but super gadgets). Then he asked about Iderman.

Iderman is in B.’s pantheon of superheroes alongside the other big three. We have no idea who Iderman is or where he came from. All of B.’s knowledge of superheroes comes from his preschool friends, so our best theory is that Iderman is a mis-hearing of Spiderman from another young friend. He heard both “Spiderman” and “Iderman” and assumed they were two different people. But this is only guessing.

B: “What’s Iderman’s superpower?”

Me: “I don’t know. You tell me. What do you think Iderman’s superpower is?”

B: “He makes everyone’s tummies come out. He disappears your clothes.”

And here I thought boys waited until puberty for such superhero imagination.


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